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3 Landing Page Benefits for Increased ROI

Simply put, a landing page is a smart marketing tool that generates leads for businesses by inviting visitors, usually with an offer, to complete a form or make a phone call. It directs visitors from a link contained in sources like PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, blog posts and emails.

The key message about landing pages is they work, and increase ROI (return on investment) for businesses.

Read on for Suits Digital’s top 3 benefits of implementing landing pages, applicable to almost every business.

1. Align Directly to Business Goals

Landing pages are designed to target a specific audience and business goal, such as increased products sales. The success of each landing page (i.e. a conversion) is also easily measured.

2. Increases Customers and Increased ROI

A successful landing page will increase conversions and lead to increased sales.

Further, for paid search campaigns, such as Google Adwords, directing visitors to a landing page instead of a home page will generate increased leads as, by design, a landing page is more targeted to lead capture; a home page is designed to be a launch pad with more general information.

Factoring in reduced cost per conversion for landing pages, the ROI for a business increases.

3. Increase Target Audience Insight

The ability to measure landing pages effectiveness also provides the ability to track audience behavior. Increased understanding of this behavior allows a business to refine online strategies, such as paid search campaigns and content. More efficient campaigns reduce overall expenditure, which in turn increase ROI.

Inherent in these benefits are, of course, increased brand awareness and the ability to collect data for prospecting and lead generation in future.

Suits Digital is a full-service agency and we help our partners grow using efficient digital channels and methods that increase ROI. For information on how Suits Digital can help your business grow, please contact us today at: https://www.suitsdigital.com.au/savvy-digital-marketing/ .

5 Website Redesign Must Haves for Fast ROI

Are you thinking about a refresh of your website to increase leads and conversions? Here are our can’t miss, top 5 must haves for your website redesign project for fast Return on Investment (ROI).

  1. Strategy
    • How does the website re-design directly contribute to your strategic objectives and business goals? Do you aim to increase awareness, increase leads, or both?
    • Make sure you define what a conversion means for your business, so you can measure success;
    • Does your content align to your products and services? A good digital strategy has a content plan that is specific, SEO optimised, evolving and multi-formed, such as blogs, published articles, social.
  2. Mobile-first design
    • Mobile and tablet data usage is estimated to increase more than 8 times by 2020;
    • With the majority of internet users already on mobile, businesses must prioritse mobile design and functionality above desktop; ‘mobile-first’.
  3. Conversions
    • With conversions defined, prioritise pages for redesign with the by starting with the highest trafficked pages;
    • Consider building landing pages for lead capture. This will also help to gather data quickly.
  4. Agile investment
    • To maximise ROI, target re-design over time with the one or two pages that have brought the highest returns (i.e. conversions) first, then iterate. This puts the focus on high-performing designs;
    • spend time gathering analytics to measure success and run tests.
  5. Scaled-design and test
    • After testing, you can justify changes or adding pages / features. For example, you can use a/b testing to figure out what colors, content and navigation work best for your audience.

The above activities will maximise ROI for your business in the shortest time frame, For information on how Suits Digital delivers effective web-design, please contact us today at: https://www.suitsdigital.com.au/contact/.

Maximising ROI with A/B Testing

Increasing leads and conversions are usually the first things businesses want to improve on their website.They set up campaigns such as Google AdWords or Facebook to drive a lot of traffic to their home page or landing page without a clear strategy to maximise the ROI from this traffic. An A/B testing plan is the ideal way to ensure you are continually improving you’re landing pages and driving conversions.

Ideally, but often not the case, you should start with a simple landing page that clearly outlines what you are offering. Some simple tips to help you firstly develop a single landing page are as follows:

Tips to develop a simple landing page are to:

  • State the product or service on offer, trying to limit at two products. A common mistake is to offer multiple, different products on the same landing page;
  • Ensure your landing page is mobile friendly;
  • Simplify your offer with a clear price point and or simple message;
  • Separate features from benefits;
  • Use imagery that fits within company brand guidelines and matches the message;
  • Minimise the amount of fields or information for visitors to fill in;
  • Ensure the Call To Action (CTA) is clear.

Now that you have this first landing page (let’s call this page ‘A’), it’s time to create the second landing page, ‘B’. When publishing ‘B’ it is important to change only one element (or variable) of the page from ‘A’. Without isolating one variable it is impossible to identify which variable drives the most traffic to page.

Significant increases in traffic and click-through rates can sometimes be seen through testing elements like copy, images and layouts. Even small increases to click-through rates can have a major impact to sales.

A successful A/B Testing plan requires careful planning and dedicated execution. It’s worth noting that any plan is only as good as its tracking, therefore relevant tracking tools, such as Google Analytics, are essential.

For information on how Suits Digital delivers effective A/B Testing, please contact us today at: https://www.suitsdigital.com.au/contact/.

Mobile-First Marketing in 2017

Mobile and tablet data usage is estimated to increase more than 8 times by 2020.

Given the significant increases in mobile searches, Google is moving to mobile-first search indexing over the coming months. A search index is a collection of web pages that a search engine identifies, primarily through crawling the web via links. These results are then displayed back to the end user on the search engine results pages (SERPs) when they perform a Google search query.

Until now, Google has crawled the web from a desktop (browser) perspective and is now moving to crawl the web from a mobile perspective. This preference to rank mobile-friendly sites above desktop sites highlights the importance of mobile design.

Designing for both mobile and desktop is more critical for effective marketing than ever. Businesses and marketers need to ensure that content effectively engages visitors, prospects and customers on every digital platform. For instance, an enquiry form on a desktop may appear as a click-to-call action on mobile instead.

Moreover, Google’s shift to mobile-first search indexing requires businesses and marketers to shift to mobile first-design and user experience. This requires design that offers users a convenient, secure and reliable experience.

To ensure your business is ranking where it should, generate leads and ultimately grow, a mobile-first mindset is essential. To understand how your website is equipped to a mobile-first digital channel, contact Suits Digital and get started with a free consultation.

How a SEO Diet Makes a Difference

SEO Image Blog 2

I had a conversation with a friend recently and it has stuck with me. On one hand, I was pleased that he referred a potential client but, on the other, he didn’t manage to find out any information about them beyond needing SEO. All he said they asked was,

‘Do they (an agency) make a difference?’

My first reaction to that was, ‘Yes, of course. We offer SEO and other great services,’ but the more I thought about the question, I realised that it’s not one answered well by many people.  When compared to a real world context, like ‘does the gym make a difference?’, or ‘does a diet make a difference?’, the typical response is also ‘Yes’. But achieving tangible, lasting results in the gym or with diet requires a better response.

Before we get too philosophical, the obvious point is, SEO, like many things, needs to be constantly reviewed, maintained and improved. When implementing SEO, it’s important to partner with people willing to understand the target business outcomes and continuously work with the client to achieve these.

No one shoots to the top of Google for their relevant terms out of luck; it takes dedication and experience to achieve this. A successful SEO service should identify strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations to improve. And the best SEO strategy won’t be effective if it doesn’t align to business outcomes. The relationship between client and SEO parter, therefore, needs to be collaborative and inclusive to ensure best results are achieved.

The real question isn’t whether or not an agency makes a difference to SEO, but ‘how can effective SEO execution achieve business outcomes?’

3 Key Benefits of SEM

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Whatever your business goals, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) should be considered as part of your marketing strategy. Correctly managed, the benefits of SEM are significant.

Briefly stated, SEM is the process of increasing website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines, i.e. paid search, whereby specific ads appear at the top and bottom of Google search results.

In this post, we outline 3 key benefits of SEM.

  • Increased ROI via targeted Ads. With paid search, the ads displayed in the results can be edited, tested and improved to increase their effectiveness. This allows marketers to understand and target specific key words and phrases for more cost effective campaigns. Moreover, tools available allow marketers to test campaigns to determine the best key words, phrases and combinations for conversions.
  • Cost Effective Brand Awareness. In addition to targeted ads, paid search allows for cost effective branding of your products and services. Consumers are more likely to trust brands that appear on the first search results page. If your ad appears here, there is a higher likelihood of referring your brand to others.
  • SMART Metrics. Paid search offers in-depth analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, to easily track and analyse the effectiveness of your campaigns. This allows marketers to edit campaigns, including key words and budgets, to directly align to business goals.

Paid Search as part of your marketing strategy will deliver you measurable results so that ROI can be identified, and hopefully increased. Suits Digital can help you align your business goals with a robust and scalable Paid Search plan. Visit us today: https://www.suitsdigital.com.au .