More and more we are seeing marketing budgets and businesses’ advertising budgets being pushed to Digital, whether it be Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram or a new website. It’s fair to say this is where the ROI is these days however digital advertising is not a silver bullet or a guarantee of leads and revenue for your business. There are many key components to delivering successful digital marketing campaigns and one of those is still the traditional creative idea and concept.

Cutting through to your audience is arguably harder than it has ever been and so delivering that message needs to be done in a way that will resonate with people and have some memorable concept or message. A creative concept is essentially a hook for your business’s product or service; it is a way to draw in your prospective audience. 

Whilst it’s easy to cite examples such as Apple or CocaCola delivering creative ideas consistently, it’s also fair to say these brands are now imbedded into our modern day lives and the messages will stick with people a lot easier (not to mention there huge advertising budgets backing them up).

When your brand is not a CocaCola there are still some simple ways in which you can ensure your campaigns can reach your audience. Suits Digital sees two of the most overlooked ways in doing this.


Creative Campaigns Built from the start

This sounds obvious however it is often not the case: build your creative concept into your campaign from the beginning A lot of advertising and web / landing pages are built with a business goal in mind and then a creative marketing idea is added subsequently, usually resulting in a confusing message or a web page with too many ideas for the customer. Put simply, the customer does not know what you want them to do and therefore does not contact your business.

Ideally, you need to understand the business goals such as increased leads / sales and develop a creative idea that supports this. Once you have that idea you can ensure you develop all of your digital assets in a way that delivers this message and supports your businesses goals. This leads on to the other important factor.



Once you have a creative campaign approved and ready to be developed you must be consistent. 

There are so many different channels within the digital landscape however you need a customer to see a Facebook ad, a Google ad and view your website and know that they are seeing a clear consistent message. Creative elements such as imagery, colours, fonts, text, etc can all be used to ensure the customer is seeing the same consistent idea repeated among many executions.

These ideas don’t need to be exactly the same, of course, slight variations are encouraged to A/B test, however the concept and overall theme does need to be delivered.

Bonus tip – A/B test your campaigns, it’s another basic concept that is often overlooked. A 1% landing page conversion improvement can lead to a huge increase in leads.

Some final thoughts for modern digital marketing are to remember the basics of a traditional creative idea are still essential. You can have all the digital tools working but not delivering business results and that is what determines successful digital marketing. If you would like more information on how Suits Digital integrates creative campaigns into digital marketing executions, get in touch here.

Kieran Williamson

Kieran Williamson

Director, Suits Digital

“Blending traditional ideas and digital marketing is key to delivering successful campaigns”