3 Landing Page Benefits for Increased ROI

Landing Page benefits background

Simply put, a landing page is a smart marketing tool that generates leads for businesses by inviting visitors, usually with an offer, to complete a form or make a phone call. It directs visitors from a link contained in sources like PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, blog posts and emails.

The key message about landing pages is they work, and increase ROI (return on investment) for businesses.

Read on for Suits Digital’s top 3 benefits of implementing landing pages, applicable to almost every business.

1. Align Directly to Business Goals

Landing pages are designed to target a specific audience and business goal, such as increased products sales. The success of each landing page (i.e. a conversion) is also easily measured.

2. Increases Customers and Increased ROI

A successful landing page will increase conversions and lead to increased sales.

Further, for paid search campaigns, such as Google Adwords, directing visitors to a landing page instead of a home page will generate increased leads as, by design, a landing page is more targeted to lead capture; a home page is designed to be a launch pad with more general information.

Factoring in reduced cost per conversion for landing pages, the ROI for a business increases.

3. Increase Target Audience Insight

The ability to measure landing pages effectiveness also provides the ability to track audience behavior. Increased understanding of this behavior allows a business to refine online strategies, such as paid search campaigns and content. More efficient campaigns reduce overall expenditure, which in turn increase ROI.

Inherent in these benefits are, of course, increased brand awareness and the ability to collect data for prospecting and lead generation in future.

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