Maximising ROI with A/B Testing

Increasing leads and conversions are usually the first things businesses want to improve on their website.They set up campaigns such as Google AdWords or Facebook to drive a lot of traffic to their home page or landing page without a clear strategy to maximise the ROI from this traffic. An A/B testing plan is the ideal way to ensure you are continually improving you’re landing pages and driving conversions.

Ideally, but often not the case, you should start with a simple landing page that clearly outlines what you are offering. Some simple tips to help you firstly develop a single landing page are as follows:

Tips to develop a simple landing page are to:

  • State the product or service on offer, trying to limit at two products. A common mistake is to offer multiple, different products on the same landing page;
  • Ensure your landing page is mobile friendly;
  • Simplify your offer with a clear price point and or simple message;
  • Separate features from benefits;
  • Use imagery that fits within company brand guidelines and matches the message;
  • Minimise the amount of fields or information for visitors to fill in;
  • Ensure the Call To Action (CTA) is clear.

Now that you have this first landing page (let’s call this page ‘A’), it’s time to create the second landing page, ‘B’. When publishing ‘B’ it is important to change only one element (or variable) of the page from ‘A’. Without isolating one variable it is impossible to identify which variable drives the most traffic to page.

Significant increases in traffic and click-through rates can sometimes be seen through testing elements like copy, images and layouts. Even small increases to click-through rates can have a major impact to sales.

A successful A/B Testing plan requires careful planning and dedicated execution. It’s worth noting that any plan is only as good as its tracking, therefore relevant tracking tools, such as Google Analytics, are essential.

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