5 Recommendations to Optimise Your Business’ Homepage

Website Optimisation background

For an existing business, a few homepage optimisations can have a large and positive impact on visitors to its site, which can ultimately lead to increased leads and conversions. For a minor financial investment, the potential outcomes can be game changing.

Here are Suits Digital’s top 5 recommendations to optimises your business’ homepage.

1) Conduct a copy review of the key message

The key message (i.e. the header) and the image are usually the first things a user sees. The message should be simple, easy to understand and be limited to a single sentence. Assess whether the message needs to be modified between mobile and desktop views, and test usering different messages, always focusing on the value proposition.

2) Streamline the navigation

The user experience should be as intuitive and simple as possible to satisfy the user need quickly and to reduce drop off rates. Navigation should also be universal, i.e. it should be reasonably familiar with other websites, particularly on mobile devices.

3) Design with mobile-first in mind

More than 60% of internet traffic is now from mobile devices, and increasing; it’s highly likely that when a user visits your site for the first time, it will be on a mobile device. Navigation and content should be tailored to suit mobile devices, including tablets.

4) Optimse Call to Actions (CTAs)

CTAs are critical aspects of most web pages as they direct the user to the next step, which is usually a step towards lead capture or conversion. CTA placement and design impact its success. Most critically, review the value proposition to the user, i.e. what will the user gain buy clicking the CTA?

5) Review Imagery

Powerful images engage a user’s attention even before he or she has a chance to read the site’s key message and can maintain the user long enough to encourage further browsing and / or click on a CTA. Invest in powerful imagery and consider the impacts of contrast and other background effects or transitions to illuminate the images. Two important notes here:

  • when using high-resolution images, ensure the image file size is small enough that they don’t impact the homepage’s load time;
  • review and test the dimensions of images to ensure they suit different device types and views, i.e. mobile, tablet, portrait and landscape.

Your homepage is the face of your brand online and the entry point for the majority of users. Key business outcomes to optimisation are increased leads and conversions, without the heavy financial investment. To learn more about how Suits Digital can help your business, please contact us today.