5 Website Redesign Must Haves for Fast ROI

Are you thinking about a refresh of your website to increase leads and conversions? Here are our can’t miss, top 5 must haves for your website redesign project for fast Return on Investment (ROI).

  1. Strategy
    • How does the website re-design directly contribute to your strategic objectives and business goals? Do you aim to increase awareness, increase leads, or both?
    • Make sure you define what a conversion means for your business, so you can measure success;
    • Does your content align to your products and services? A good digital strategy has a content plan that is specific, SEO optimised, evolving and multi-formed, such as blogs, published articles, social.
  2. Mobile-first design
    • Mobile and tablet data usage is estimated to increase more than 8 times by 2020;
    • With the majority of internet users already on mobile, businesses must prioritse mobile design and functionality above desktop; ‘mobile-first’.
  3. Conversions
    • With conversions defined, prioritise pages for redesign with the by starting with the highest trafficked pages;
    • Consider building landing pages for lead capture. This will also help to gather data quickly.
  4. Agile investment
    • To maximise ROI, target re-design over time with the one or two pages that have brought the highest returns (i.e. conversions) first, then iterate. This puts the focus on high-performing designs;
    • spend time gathering analytics to measure success and run tests.
  5. Scaled-design and test
    • After testing, you can justify changes or adding pages / features. For example, you can use a/b testing to figure out what colors, content and navigation work best for your audience.

The above activities will maximise ROI for your business in the shortest time frame, For information on how Suits Digital delivers effective web-design, please contact us today at: https://www.suitsdigital.com.au/contact/.