Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that drives your businesses results.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Ranking highly in Google and other search engines is vital for a successful online presence. Suits Digital can improve your business’ rankings through search engine optimisation (SEO), which includes content development and technical site improvements, with reporting and metrics. Tailored keywords and compelling messaging will increase site traffic, delivering more leads and sales to your business.

Content Development

Developing content can be one of the most challenging aspects of building a successful website. It is not enough to simply have a website, it needs to be constantly updated and improved to stay at the top of the search results. Google and other search engines deliver results based on relevance so developing content to meet your customers’ expectations is key. For these reasons Suits Digital will base your businesses SEO strategy on content to ensure your site is delivering the right messages and evolving with your customers. Our content development can include:


  • Keyword research
  • Key messaging & copy
  • Landing page optimisation
  • A/B testing refinements
Content Development

Search Engine Rankings

Find out where you rank for your keywords in Google, Google Mobile, Bing & Yahoo.

SEO Diagnostics

Does your site have errors that need fixing? We can provide a full report on technical site issues

SEO Competitor Reports

We provide competitor analysis on how your competitors are ranking in the search engines

Social Media Reporting

Connect social media reporting to assist SEO insights and help understand your customers
Copywriting for SEO

Copywriting for SEO

Writing copy for the web can be very different to print and other media. Suits specialise in online copy writing and are therefore uniquely positioned. The copy and messaging on your website form the basis of a solid SEO strategy and as such our services include:


  • Simple and easy to read copy
  • Complete Campaigns (Premise, copy, messaging)
  • A/B testing & Call To Actions (CTAs)
  • Complete grammar and technical writing checks
  • Content built for your audience and the search engines
  • Mobile friendly content
  • Advertising and banner messaging
  • Blogs & content articles

Case Study

Suits Digital was engaged in July 2020 to enhance a relatively simple website into its core leads channel to not only support but extend the growth of the business.

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