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SBS Building Services

SBS Building Services specialises in home renovations, extensions and outdoor living. Suits Digital built their website and continues to support SBS with digital marketing, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and landing page optimisation.


Compay Name: SBS Building Services
Date: Jan 2019

The main objective of the SBS website is lead generation. By driving customers to its landing pages using channels such as SEO and SEM, customers are able to find and engage with SBS.

What Was The Project Process?

Originally SBS had a website however it was not generating leads for the business. Suits Digital completed a full review of both the site and digital marketing strategy and addressed some key concerns including:

• Lack of Security Certificate (SSL);
• Limited mobile experience;
• Lack of tailored landing pages;
• Lack of leads from both organic and paid channels.

SBS has an outstanding track record with its work and delivers exceptional finishes to people’s homes. Combining their experience, a huge gallery of images from previous work and customer feedback, Suits Digital was able to deliver a site that addressed the aforementioned key concerns and communicated to customers in an easy to understand framework.

“Since moving to Suits Digital we have seen a dramatic increase in lead volume through our website. We now have constant leads and enquiries in the pipeline and our major keywords are always ranked between 1-3.

We are very happy with the service they provide and would recommend them”

Megan Harwood

Owner, SBS Building Services


Once SBSS had launched their new website, it was decided that the best strategy would be a combination of SEO and SEM. After deciding on a budget split between the two channels, much of the ground work was laid for analytics and tracking, along with Google account creation.

Google AdWords was launched as the focus for SEM which delivered immediate results. Combining both SEO and SEM has meant that SBS is able to dominate the listing for many of its strong keywords. Local search words were another focus within the SEO space, particularly. Ranking between 1-3 was achieved after only a few months for local search delivering very good results.

The focus for SBS is ongoing digital marketing in these spaces with a few trials of display advertising and other channels in the mix. The key to staying ahead of competitors in the SEO space is constant work and strong content, with which SBS continues to support Suits Digital to deliver results.

Creating A Custom Solution

The way in which Suits Digital delivered a workable site and digital marketing strategy for SBS was simple. A few key points were:

• A single point of contact;
• Analysis of the current website;
• A clear set of defined goals (Leads);
• Ability to measure.

Although the above points may look relatively simple, they are often overlooked in favor of the latest innovations or new software. The reality is that Suits Digital will always focus on the basics and what drives your business before the bells and whistles are implemented.

The focus for Suits Digital is understanding the business; in this case SBS needed more leads though its pipeline so that jobs, including  new business, were constant. Suits Digital’s goal was to ensure the digital marketing strategy could both achieve leads and show the results clearly to ensure continued improvement.

The Results

Suits Digital aims to plan, implement and measure results to ensure constant growth.


Increase In Website Traffic


Increase IN Web Leads


Increase in sales quotes

The SBS Building Services Website

View some of the key pages for SBS Building Services.

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